This is a blog for BUSINESS OWNERS.

Specifically, SMALL & MEDIUM BUSINESS owners.

More specifically, business owners who FEEL…

DISAPPOINTED with their level of sales, profit and cashflow
DISILLUSIONED by having to work long hours for low pay
DISMAYED by the antics & behaviour of others in the marketplace
DISHEARTENED that their dream is fading and the fun is no more
DISCOURAGED by the constant struggle of just being in business.

If this is how YOU feel, I have some Good News…no, GREAT news – The Marketing Spirit

This is a Blog that will…

* Help you understand why you may be feeling this way
* Open your eyes to what is really going on in the ‘system’
* Guide you into a different and more enjoyable game of business
* Enhance your reputation in the marketplace
* Give you encouragement and hope for a better future.

In turn, with this understanding:

  1. YOU can transform those ‘D’ words into a new one – DELIGHT
  2. And refire the dream YOU had when the business started.

It’s all about putting people ahead of products & profits:

Today the marketplace has become like an extreme game of Monopoly where people are just a commodity; the game is driven by money [or the love thereof].

MY GOAL is to show you a better way forward; it’s not rocket science…you can do it!


Peter Fitzgerald