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Pillars that Maketh a True Marketer

I trust you’re starting to understand the foundation upon which the Marketing Spirit is based. In business sales transactions are important but relationships between people are critical; indeed, the latter underpins so much in relation to the former! Selling and marketing are not the same; the former is an event, the latter a lifestyle; the

Two Different Marketing Models

Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Prize winner, declared… “Strive not to be a SUCCESS but rather to be of VALUE” This principle applies in business, especially in relation to marketing. There are only two choices: the SUCCESS model or the VALUE model. Neither is right or wrong, they are just different; they are not mutually

‘Communicate’ is an action word

Consider these two principles of business and two questions relating thereto – …The primary purpose of a business to SERVE …The primary purpose of marketing is to COMMUNICATE LOVE. Q1 – to you as a customer: When was the last time a personal or business supplier contacted you ‘out of the blue’ as it were

Marketing Breaks Through our Croc Brains

Here’s a common scenario that plays out in thousands of homes around tea time every day, probably including yours. The phone rings… …You answer politely only to be ‘assaulted’ by some jerk flogging some damn product you have no interest in [at that moment anyway] …The caller did not ask if it ‘would be convenient

Tap into the Wellspring of Love

True marketing is all about COMMUNICATING LOVE. The question is then, where is it sourced from? Simple – the heart. The head on the other hand is full of logic, schemes, transactions, plans, money and things…and a desire for more of the same! Love is the source of – giving, serving, caring, humility, empathy, compassion,

The Cornerstone of Marketing

Let’s nail this early! Most of what is passed off today as ‘marketing’ is NOT marketing. It’s SELLING. There’s nothing right or wrong with this distinction; these functions are not mutually exclusive. But you need to understand there is a difference; indeed, a world of difference. Here’s my nutshell version: …Selling is WHAT we do