My Story

G’day business owners,

My name is Peter Fitzgerald; I live in Horsham, Victoria. This is my story in a nutshell…

Back in the late 1970’s I worked as an auditor for an international accounting firm; that job didn’t last long because I did not enjoy checking other people’s figures & work; reporting on their mistakes, etc. But it taught me to be alert; to apply the ‘sniff test’ to everything!

In 1980 I started an accounting business with a single customer and no staff. In 2003, having grown to 10 employees I exited the business, selling to my senior staff. The transition was very smooth, testimony to hiring great people to develop and run great systems all aimed at one thing – caring for and serving our customers.

During this whole time one element of business always fascinated me: why do so many fail especially in a booming economy. Without doubt, the #1 reason is the owner’s lack of understanding that led to poor decision making.

Since then I have been helping lots of self-employed business owners, especially tradies, as a management and marketing consultant.

I am passionate about three things…

  1. TRUTH, especially Biblical truth as it applies to life and the marketplace
  2. BUSINESS SUCCESS and the two key functions that make it happen, marketing & management
  3. ECONOMICS and how it impacts the marketplace, your marketplace.

love to see hard working Aussies who put their money on the line, achieve prosperity, wealth and freedom in business.

love guiding business owners, the true wealth creators, on their business journey.

hate to see the appalling failure rate among business owners [anecdotally, 4 out of 5 fail in the first 5 years]; and I see ‘failure’ as more than just shutting down; it also means staying open but earning a slaves income.

hate to see business owners being screwed by ‘the system’.

hate seeing the switch in society’s core value of, ‘love people, use things’, to ‘love things, use people’.

In 37 years of observation, research and advising I have learned a thing or two!

This is what I want to share through THE MARKETING SPIRIT.

I’ll highlight the two elements of the Law of Marketing – the LETTER of the Law and the SPIRIT of the Law.

I’ll show you why the capitalist model is failing and how to opt out and do your own thing!

I’ll share strategies and tactics that will improve your business prospects very quickly.

Further, I promise:

…To speak and write in a language you will understand

…To give you a competitive edge in your marketplace

…To help you get back the enjoyment of being in your own business

…To prove to you that no business ever needs to fail, even in a system that is.

Thanks for visiting my Blog.

Peter Fitz,
The Marketing Contrarian