‘Communicate’ is an action word

Consider these two principles of business and two questions relating thereto –

…The primary purpose of a business to SERVE

…The primary purpose of marketing is to COMMUNICATE LOVE.

Q1 – to you as a customer:

When was the last time a personal or business supplier contacted you ‘out of the blue’ as it were with some useful information, advice or friendship?

If you’re like 96% of people I’ve asked the answer is – NEVER.

Example: I supported a menswear store for over 20 years; how many phone calls do you think I got in that time? That’s right, zip; yet –

…They would hold a 50% off sale selling to any Tom, Dick or Harry that walked in …They went into women’s clothing proving further they know zip about marketing.

Q2 – to you as a customer…but also a business owner:

How can the owner and staff communicate with customers if they just stand around waiting for customers to walk in or initiate a transaction; and come back in future?

It’s ridiculous; it seems that business owners know a lot about selling but so little about MARKETING; as for ‘love’ and ‘communicating’ I rest my case!

‘COMMUNICATE’ is an action word that implies:

…To go to; to speak with; to seek out; to share; to initiate; to give value

…To impart knowledge, make known, transmit, to pass on information

…To express or convey one’s thoughts or feelings; to follow up

…To connect, regularly (and quickly if there’s a problem)

…To divulge, to announce, to disclose or to reveal

LOVE quotes:

 ‘Love needs to be expressed in words and deeds’ (Dorothea Kruger)

‘Only love ever changes anything’ (Doris Day)                                                               

‘Two things people crave at the point of sale, love and recognition’ (PF)

‘Love motivates; love endures; love is kind; love is truthful; love is humble; love is just; love is patient; love is generous; love is compassionate’ (St Paul)

The ‘system’ is now in disarray:

There is no love or genuine communication in a capitalist system; in fact, the opposite is encouraged – compete to win; make money; use people; do what you have to do to get a sale. Crap quality and discounting are rife; none of this is marketing.


Grasp this communication principle and you will prosper. OPPORTUNITIES emerge as you and your team serve,care for and display an unselfish concern for others; and prove it by communicating with them.

Also when economic times get tough, which they inevitably will, people will remember and be drawn to those who looked after, or befriended, them in the good times. Think about that.

Peter Fitzgerald, The Marketing Contrarian