Marketing Breaks Through our Croc Brains

Here’s a common scenario that plays out in thousands of homes around tea time every day, probably including yours.

The phone rings…

…You answer politely only to be ‘assaulted’ by some jerk flogging some damn product you have no interest in [at that moment anyway]

…The caller did not ask if it ‘would be convenient to speak’ instead launching into some stupid scripted message about a government rebate or ‘I’m not selling’

…You react as most do, ‘piss off, I’m not interested’

This call, indeed the whole approach, is NOT MARKETING.

It’s SELLING…at its worst!

It’s a typical example of how ‘extreme’ capitalism has skewered the marketplace and where it has taken us as a society.

It’s important to understand why we react the way we do to such stimuli:

The experts tell us that it happened because of our ‘reptilian’ or croc brains (the first of our three brains).

This is where the ‘fight or flight’ decision is made.

Our croc brains are ‘binary’ meaning a ‘one of two choices’ decision is made very quickly – is it a friend or foe; good or evil; light or dark; useful or dangerous; cheese or whiskers!

If the croc brain recognises a friend, good, light or useful it grants permission to enter the second brain – the neo-cortex where the emotions are; where the heart-to-heart connections are made; where true MARKETERS need to go.

And where desperate sellers [including phone pests] cannot!

Here’s the deal – SELLING engages the croc brain; MARKETING engages the neo-cortex.

The secret – marketing begins when you break through the croc brain:

Can you see why so much selling and so many sales pitches fail?

It’s because the seller’s [perceived] message is about SELF, money or whatever; it is rejected by the (potential) buyer’s croc brain once the message is deemed not to be in their best interests; or deemed not to be from a friend, but an enemy!

Think about this; think about your ‘message to customers’ and how it might need to be re-focused.