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It’s Just Not Cricket

Playing games and playing the ‘game of business’ are very similar. Both are underpinned by certain Laws; participants have a choice to play by the letter of those laws or by the spirit. Each choice has different outcomes. Compare two cricketing examples: First, the infamous 1981 ‘underarm incident’ where the Aussie cricketers defeated New Zealand

The Big Guys and Their Capitalist Visions

Here is another example of rampant capitalism in action! I contend that the directors of ASX listed companies don’t give a stuff about their customers; they only care about increasing shareholder value, so they and their executives can receive huge pay and bonuses. Customers are therefore simply a means to that end. Need proof? If

The definition of MARKETING is wrong

Here is the definition of MARKETING from 4 dictionaries… Webster’s Dictionary 1913 Edition: “The act of selling or of purchasing in a market; activities required by a producer to sell products, including advertising, storing, taking orders and distribution to vendors or individuals; the entire process of storing, shipping and selling which promotes and actualizes a

Capitalism is a deeply flawed system

Here are some facts regarding the economic system in which our businesses operate: Compared to other economic systems of the 20th century [communism, socialism, dictatorship or theocracy] free market capitalism has been the catalyst for massive growth and prosperity in Western nations. With its focus on free enterprise, entrepreneurialism and private ownership of resources, there