Two Different Marketing Models

Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Prize winner, declared…

“Strive not to be a SUCCESS but rather to be of VALUE”

This principle applies in business, especially in relation to marketing.

There are only two choices: the SUCCESS model or the VALUE model.

Neither is right or wrong, they are just different; they are not mutually exclusive because some elements can be found in both models.

There is a link between the ‘2-models principle’ and the 80/20 rule:

…80% of enterprise owners are trapped in the success model
…20% of business owners are prospering in the value model

IssueSUCCESS modelVALUE model
Owner’s focus:Inward: SelfOutward: Others
Owner’s vision:To make moneyTo serve
Actions based upon:FearLove
Key character trait:PrideHumility
Owner’s role:MasterServant
Goal at point of sale:Close a saleOpen/nurture a relationship
Owner may also feel:Anxious, stressed, frustrated Blessed, grateful, contentment

The good news:

Understand that SUCCESS is getting what YOU want; VALUE is helping OTHERS get what they want – precisely what should underpin our marketing strategies.

We began with a quote; let’s end with one – from Bill Gates, Microsoft founder:

“Success is a lousy teacher; it seduces people into thinking they can’t lose.”