Tap into the Wellspring of Love

True marketing is all about COMMUNICATING LOVE.

The question is then, where is it sourced from? Simple – the heart.

The head on the other hand is full of logic, schemes, transactions, plans, money and things…and a desire for more of the same!

Love is the source of – giving, serving, caring, humility, empathy, compassion, kindness, sharing and generosity.

Further, my counsel is simply this: these traits are critical for business success in future given the (true) state of the economy and the marketplace.

The heart is where humans ‘connect’ with each other; indeed, we are hard wired for this; and, if nurtured properly these connections can last for life.

In effect, people ‘buy the person FIRST’ then they buy the product or service!

So what’s the point and how is it relevant to your business?

Well, the impact of capitalism, evolutionary theory, government policy, new age movement, globalism, socialism, etc has led to a situation best described as ‘every man for himself’ or ‘look out for numero uno.’

This is rife in your marketplace today; in every marketplace; and everywhere else for that matter.

The big companies are doing it [they don’t give a stuff about customers, only shareholders]; the elite are doing it; so are governments; and even nations.

Another ‘negative’ outcome has emerged in recent times:

That is, GIVING; it’s like a ‘foreign’ concept that people don’t understand.

They believe that ‘if I give something, I lose something’ – so they give precious little and in the process miss out on the ‘Law of giving & receiving.’

Instead they SOW; sowing is like giving but sowers expect something in return, i.e. giving with strings attached; givers don’t. There is a role for sowing; but in business giving is also critical…as are those ‘love traits’ listed above.

All this spells one thing if you understand the principle: OPPORTUNITY

Martin Luther King’s daughter recently declared of these times:

“Men HATE each other because they fear each other…because they don’t know each other…because they don’t COMMUNICATE with each other…because they are not connected to each other”

The world since ML King was assassinated has become a sad place. So has the marketplace.


Why Not turn your business into an ‘oasis’ for your friends [i.e. customers]. It’s not rocket science; you can do it very quickly once you understand the Marketing Spirit.