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Create Your Own Fibonacci Sequence

This is amazing stuff; it involves something I was never very good at – mathematics. In marketing, applying the principle of MULTIPLICATION will work immensely more powerfully for you that the principle of ADDITION. Check out the Fibonacci Sequence and see some amazing multiplication in nature! The growth sequence doesn’t go as we normally count

It’s Time to Drain the Swamp

After 16 Blogs I trust you understand quite a bit more about the marketplace and marketing; what it is and is not; how there is so little marketing in the marketplace these days. Between you and me, I hate what I see; so do many other people I speak to. I’ll say it again…the big

The Law of Marketing

Broadly the Law of Marketing defines a MARKET as a place where buyers and sellers come together, connect, interact and exchange goods or services for money. MARKETING is defined this way: “It is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors. The key is finding the right

King Solomon’s Wisdom for Business Owners

 The wise King Solomon lived around 2,700 years ago. Remember, he was the guy that requested a sword to cut the disputed baby in half, knowing full well the real mother would never allow this to happen. He owned some fabulous gold mines, yielding hundreds of tons of metal per year; these mines have been

Cornerstone Principles

Would you agree the world is in a mess; our nation is in a mess; the economy is in a mess; so are many people’s lives; chances are your business is in a bit of one too! So is the marketplace – your marketplace. Look at the ‘disrupters’ changing marketplaces, lives and futures: …Uber, Air