Be Mindful of the Person in Front of You

 There’s a proverb that states, “before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes”.

Think about this as you speak to your next customer:

People learn to ‘mask’ how they really feel or what’s really going on; for example…

…He may be challenged by one or several personal issues such as family, health, marriage, financial stress, job insecurity or doubts about the future

…She may be lonely [80% of Aussies say loneliness is increasing according to a recent Lifeline survey] or feel unappreciated or a slave to the ‘system’

…He may fear making a bad decision [if you are a B2B one way to alleviate this fear is to offer a powerful guarantee where the risk is yours, not theirs]

…She may have been ‘conditioned’ for failure – the impact of a parent’s words – ‘you’ll never amount to anything’ can lead to a life of self-sabotage or under-achievement.

So what happens when this person engages with your business?

…Do you [‘you’ includes your team] potentially add to or reduce their burden?

…Do you focus on getting a sale above all else or focus on the person?

…Do you speak too much rather than use ears & mouth in proportion?

…Do you focus on product features or customer value?

…Do you always tell the truth and provide all the facts they need?

…Do you care or is it just another sale; and hey, you win some, lose some?

…Is yours a place of ‘refuge’ for people or just another like all the others?

One of King Solomon’s Proverbs declares:

‘Pleasant words are as honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones’

‘Pleasant’ can mean: kind, gracious, delightful, positive OR bright. Your approach or words might be the first he or she has experienced in ages!

Notice the link here with our definition of marketing: To communicate love; to love means to serve; to care for; to go the extra mile; to be humble; to be considerate of what it might be like standing in the other’s shoes!


People are not a commodity to be used or taken advantage of, no matter what ‘the system’ or the marketplace would have you believe!

People are always more important than things or [fast] money. Is a sale more important than adding value to another person’s life!

Communicating love will make you ‘attractive’ to others; it builds reputations; it sets you apart; it makes business and serving a real ‘buzz’.

This is the Marketing Spirit.