The Cornerstone of Marketing

Let’s nail this early!

Most of what is passed off today as ‘marketing’ is NOT marketing.


There’s nothing right or wrong with this distinction; these functions are not mutually exclusive.

But you need to understand there is a difference; indeed, a world of difference.

Here’s my nutshell version:

…Selling is WHAT we do (broadly it’s a head thing)

…Marketing is WHO we are (broadly it’s a heart thing)

The vast majority of businesses in your marketplace are SELLERS.

You have an OPPORTUNITY to truly prosper, especially in uncertain times, if you transition from selling to MARKETING.

Why is this so? Simple – for a host of reasons, most of your competitors are stuck in the selling function and would not be interested in The Marketing Spirit.

Marketing and selling have different goals:

The seller’s goal is to attract buyers, complete as many transactions as possible…to make as much money as possible.

The marketer’s goal is to attract, nurture and retain customers by connecting at heart level, serving them and building long-term relationships…resulting in sales transactions, but not always. Money is simply a way to keep score in their game of business.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with selling! One does not have to become a marketer; indeed,

The definition I use for marketing is summed up in 2 words:


And before you get all soppy or dismissive, it does not mean hugging and/or kissing all your customers; more will be revealed in future Blogs.


Understanding this cornerstone principle and being prepared to move your control centre just 18 inches (from head to heart) WILL improve your business, life and destiny…quickly and dramatically if you so choose!