Cornerstone Principles

Would you agree the world is in a mess; our nation is in a mess; the economy is in a mess; so are many people’s lives; chances are your business is in a bit of one too!

So is the marketplace – your marketplace.

Look at the ‘disrupters’ changing marketplaces, lives and futures:

…Uber, Air BNB, Amazon, Xero, etc are changing whole industries

…Fiverr, Airtasker, Upwork, Freelancer, etc are changing the labour market

To compete with the disrupters, your competitors and the ‘system’ a new marketing model is needed.

The Marketing Spirit is one such model.

This model stands on a number of Cornerstone principles, including:

…The LETTER of the law of MARKETING enslaves vast numbers of SME owners; the SPIRIT can set them free

…The letter is underpinned by FEAR; the spirit by LOVE

…UNDERSTANDING the ‘system’ rules is critical when playing the game of business

…THE TRUE PURPOSE of a business is to serve others, not to make money

…PEOPLE matter; they should not be treated as a commodity

…VALUE is more important than success

…VISION is a leader’s # 1 character trait; without it, one cannot lead others

…A MICRO-MARKET (niche) is the way to avoid a common mistake namely, trying to be everything to everyone

…WHAT YOU SELL and what your customers buy are not the same

…CUSTOMER SERVING is way more important than customer service

…MARKETING and selling are different; the former ‘prepares the way’ for the latter

…MARKETING and advertising need to be separated; they have different goals

…MARKETING is first about people, not goods & services, prices or deals

…MARKETING is best defined as ‘communicating love’.



When you understand the rules, the game of business becomes less stressful. And when you learn to LOVE what you do, love serving others and love building something great the game of business will be a lot more fun…and [more] profitable.