The Cornerstone of Marketing

Let’s nail this early! Most of what is passed off today as ‘marketing’ is NOT marketing. It’s SELLING. There’s nothing right or wrong with this distinction; these functions are not mutually exclusive. But you need to understand there is a difference; indeed, a world of difference. Here’s my nutshell version: …Selling is WHAT we do

The Big Guys and Their Capitalist Visions

Here is another example of rampant capitalism in action! I contend that the directors of ASX listed companies don’t give a stuff about their customers; they only care about increasing shareholder value, so they and their executives can receive huge pay and bonuses. Customers are therefore simply a means to that end. Need proof? If

King Solomon’s Wisdom for Business Owners

 The wise King Solomon lived around 2,700 years ago. Remember, he was the guy that requested a sword to cut the disputed baby in half, knowing full well the real mother would never allow this to happen. He owned some fabulous gold mines, yielding hundreds of tons of metal per year; these mines have been

Cornerstone Principles

Would you agree the world is in a mess; our nation is in a mess; the economy is in a mess; so are many people’s lives; chances are your business is in a bit of one too! So is the marketplace – your marketplace. Look at the ‘disrupters’ changing marketplaces, lives and futures: …Uber, Air

The definition of MARKETING is wrong

Here is the definition of MARKETING from 4 dictionaries… Webster’s Dictionary 1913 Edition: “The act of selling or of purchasing in a market; activities required by a producer to sell products, including advertising, storing, taking orders and distribution to vendors or individuals; the entire process of storing, shipping and selling which promotes and actualizes a

Truly we’ve been screwed by capitalism

Believe me, the impact of our capitalist economic system on the marketplace is one of the main reasons your business is under-performing! Indeed it is a key reason why 80% of all new businesses fail within 5 years. You may have never made the connection…but I have. It’s like the law of evolution where the

Capitalism is a deeply flawed system

Here are some facts regarding the economic system in which our businesses operate: Compared to other economic systems of the 20th century [communism, socialism, dictatorship or theocracy] free market capitalism has been the catalyst for massive growth and prosperity in Western nations. With its focus on free enterprise, entrepreneurialism and private ownership of resources, there